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Lesley Parkin

"Lesley is a kind, warm natured teacher who supports students to integrate yoga into daily life"

Lesley Parkin

My love of finding out how things work and why have led me on my yoga, Coreawareness, MELT method training. I love learning and will be a perpetual student I'm sure. I have been recently refreshing my practise with nutritious movement study. A biomechanics way of viewing the body

It was through yoga that I was led to meditation and enquiring what that is all about? At present I am studying mainly with the insight meditation tradition but I also attend retreats with Zen and Tiratna groups. I am greatly inspired by Tara Brach at present and have been for the last 5 years.

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3 year yoga teacher training.... BTEC diploma; Morley College, London

Qualified Core Awareness teacher ( trained by psoas muscle specialist Liz Koch)

A qualified teacher ( Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Sheffield university)

BSc(hons) Chemistry; hence my love of science based, enquiring approach

Shiatsu practitioner ( London School of Shiatsu) and massage therapist

Practising artist and potter ......BTEC diploma

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