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One to One

The question isn't "How can I fix this?"
But "What am I doing every day to create this?"

One to One


Having sessions tailored to your exact needs can be a very satisfying experience.

You may be new to yoga and want a hands on, guidance session so you feel more confident to join a class. You can learn the specific ways your body may need support, via blankets, cushions, belts so that you can gently ease the body into poses.

Everyone has different habits of holding tension. If you feel an extra pair of eyes would be helpful to see where and when these habits manefest then a one to one could be for you. This may be because you are desperate to find some ease or because you have the time and are determined to focus on releasing tension from the body.


If you are in pain and need to find relief that addresses the root cause not just the symptoms.

If you want clarification and explanations of the hows and whys.

If you want a specific lesson plan to practice at home geared specifically to meet your needs.

If you are wanting reassurance that what you are practicing is helpful.


Having trained for three years as a shiatsu therapist I have worked on my sensitivity to the energy of the body. I intuitively use touch to bring attention to areas that need "waking up"

I incorporate core awareness and melt techniques along with yoga postures. I see what emerges in the session and in dialogue decide how to proceed. I develop an individual plan as the session progresses. An initial telephone call will give me some idea of what will be helpful.

I will note alignment standing and sitting and any other everyday postures. I will provide tips on what you can incorporate into your day so that you have more ease and health.

I myself have had one on ones with Sandra Sabatini and its a very nourishing, deepening of practice, experience.

Most of Vanda Scaravelli's teaching was done in this way. This is how, over the years, Sandra Sabatini learnt from Vanda.

Location and price


Your home or Fulwood chapel

It's possible for a group of two or three to have a session, with more individual attention, hands on than in class.

I have done sessions via Skype. I know it sounds weird but its easy to spot people's tension habits when sitting/ standing and see their alignment while skyping. Easier in person, but it is possible.


£40 per hour