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What they say

Open, honest, non judgemental, playful approach

Dear Lesley,
I'm so happy that I was was told of ur class in Bamford. Although I only came in at the end these two classes will be memorable. As I said it's the first time I've ever been able to let go in a class situation and listen to how my body wants to move. This is due to ur open, honest, non judgemental, playful approach to yoga - n the music was the icing.
I like also how you encourage discussion to learn how the body works and moves and of course the loving kindness. I particularly liked the sayings at the end of class. These I have brought away with me.
Thank you so much Lesley. It was a joy.
Go well and in peace.
Love Maggie xxx
Plse let me know of any workshops etc that u plan to do xxxx

Maggie Hall

Integrate yoga into daily life

"Lesley is a kind warm natured teacher who supports students to integrate yoga into daily life. She has give me some valuable insights into yoga and how to practice postures to get the most from them. I've already felt the benefits of a calming, softening practice in my body and mind." Summer, trainee yoga teacher

Summer, trainee yoga teacher

Gentle, enjoyable and more importantly do-able

I have been attending yoga classes on and off for the last 40 years. I find Lesley's style of yoga gentle, enjoyable and more importantly doable. I would certainly recommend that you try it out and see for yourself.

Enjoy as I do,

Maria Haley, Fulwood