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What they say

Points of tension have eased greatly

Lesley has introduced me to an individualised way of gaining awareness about my body's needs, linked to my state of mind.
Her attention to each of the group participants is gentle and thorough, in an enabling atmosphere.

Since being in her class, certain muscular problems and points of tension have eased greatly for me. I love the work on feet which is focussed on maintaining balance and grounding, and particularly energises the legs. Her approach to the use of breathing, connection of body to the earth (grounding) and subtle movement of spine and limbs has been enjoyable and releasing. Thank you Lesley.

Jane Monarch, Crookes


'Lesley's method of teaching yoga was a revelation to me. The method is very personalised, helping you to do just what reaches the tense and stiff parts of your own body. Deeply relaxing. Lesley is a warm and friendly teacher.'

Val Binney, Broomhill

My favourite time of the week

"My favourite time of the week. Time for me to slow life back down. 90 minutes of restorative, mindful breathing and movement."

Ellie Salter Jones; Lodgemoor